Sunday, 31 March 2013

A fair bit has happened in the last couple of weeks.

Gutters, fascias, barge boards and roof went on a few weeks ago (colours are Deep Ocean and Shale Grey). Plumbing and electrical rough in happened last week. Brickwork on the garage was also started last week.

Best looking bit of progress is that 90% of windows have been installed and the rear decking is finished and front decking is 99% done.

We can start to get a real feel for the size of the place now.

A few pics.....

Bi-fold doors and front door to come later.
Entry - Not sure to have stairs full width up to the deck or approx. 1800mm wide and plant up both sides of the stairs.....decisions decisions......
Front Deck - posts up for handrail and decking almost done.
Front deck looking back into the living room. Back windows and doors are in.
Entry and living room - 5 banks of louvres should keep the breezes flowin'
Kitchen built against far wall - two louvre windows with a fixed pane in the middle as a splashback for the cooktop.
Rear/centre deck area - accessed from either master bed or living room. Very happy how this area has turned out. 

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

We have a house!

A week’s flown by and a house has suddenly appeared, well the skeleton of one at least.....

Starting to take shape now....
Front deck.
Entry deck.
Living room.
Living room.
Stairs to go here.

Fridge and desk go here.
Pantry (south of the kitchen).
Upstairs hall (NS).
Upstairs hall (EW) Window in living room looking east.
View out of upstairs living room.
Stair tower and rear deck.
Back of the house.
Looking out of the front window of the upstairs living room.
Bank of louvre windows.


Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Floor and Frames.

In spite of a lot of rain over the last two weeks the builders have cracked on and got the floor down and the frames have been delivered.

Temp fence now up.

Posts have all been trimmed and joist starting

Fast forward a bit - sub-floor done and yellow tounge down  

Front decking to go here.....
....rear decking to go here and around to the right
Pre-fab frames ready to go